Funeral Expenses

At Heritage Funeral Service, we understand that everyone is different and that is why we offer a range of different services to suit your needs. It is very important to us that the funeral for your loved one is perfect and that the service reflects them as an individual.

Our Standardised Price List 2021

Fees from May 2024

Our Direct Cremation Service

The ‘Direct Cremation’ option offers a very acceptable and simple alternative to the standard style funeral service and enables families to achieve what they want by way of looking after their loved one, without having a funeral service. Whilst Direct Cremation may not be for everyone, if you feel this simple and very respectful option may suit your circumstances, then please do discuss this with us.

The Direct Cremation Service includes:

• Our professional services and advice.
• Conveyance of your loved one to our Chapel of Rest during office hours, (9.00am-5.00pm), within a 20-mile radius of our funeral home.
• Provision of the cedar coffin, with engraved nameplate.
• If required, quiet time in our Chapel of Rest, with the closed coffin, during office hours.
• The fees of the crematorium of our choice.
• Conveyance in our private ambulance, of your loved one to a crematorium for cremation (with no service held and no one in attendance), on a date and at a time suitable to ourselves.
• Supply of necessary pallbearers.
• The loose interment of cremated remains in the Garden of Remembrance at the crematorium (unwitnessed), or collection from the crematorium by the person who applied for the cremation to take place.

The Direct Cremation Service excludes the following:

• An attended funeral service.
• The provision of a minister or celebrant.
• Any hygienic preparation of your loved one (such as embalming or dressing).
• The necessary fees for the Doctors completing Cremation Form 4 and Cremation Form 5 (Statutory documents required for a cremation to take place when there has been no coronial examination).

Payment for the Direct Cremation Service, is required in full 48 hours before the date when the cremation will take place.

Our Essential Funeral Service Is Made Up Of Two Parts

The Essential Funeral Service might be preferable, should you wish to keep the costs low.  We can offer this by restricting the options available and arranging the date and time of the funeral at our convenience, although we would always work with you regarding dates. 

The Essential Funeral Service includes:

·       The Funeral Directors Services.

·       Transfer of your loved one from the place of death (Within a 20-mile radius of the premises).

·       Funeral arrangements to be made at our office.

·       Care of your loved one prior to the funeral.

·       Your loved one to be dressed in a funeral robe supplied by the funeral home.

·       Provision of the Larch coffin suitable for cremation or burial.

·       Visiting your loved one in our Chapel of Rest during office hours by appointment only.

·       Provision of a hearse direct to the crematorium or cemetery.

·       Provision of up to 4 bearers.

The Essential Funeral Service excludes the following services:

·       A service at a separate venue prior to the burial or cremation.

·       Embalming or dressing of your loved in their own clothes. (However this service can be added at an additional expense.)

·       Arranging of press notices, provision of attendance records, order of service sheets, ordering of floral tributes etc.

·       Funeral Directors involvement with the collection of cremated remains following the funeral.

Payment, for The Essential Funeral Service, is required in full 48 hours before the date when the cremation or burial will take place.

Below are some of the additional costs that may be incurred in order for the funeral to proceed:

- Crematorium Fees from £845.00

- Cemetery Fees

- Clergy / Officiants Fees from £104.00

- Doctors' Fees £82.00

For crematorium & cemetery fees, please visit our Burial or Cremation page.

Our Bespoke Funeral Service Is Made Up Of Three Parts

Our Services To The Family - £1,350.00

We will advise and guide you on all aspects of making funeral arrangements to your individual requirements.  We will also liaise with all other relevant parties that will be involved in the funeral arrangements. We will help you prepare and manage all necessary administration and legal documentation and obtain statutory forms from doctors and hospitals, necessary for the funeral to proceed.

To Receive Your Loved One Into Our Care   from     £320.00

We will attend the place where your loved one has passed away to convey them into our care, using a specialist vehicle and appropriate equipment.

(Additional charges would occur when we need to travel over 20 miles).

Taking Care Of Your Loved One    £400.00

Once your loved one is resting in our care, at our Private Chapel of Rest they will be treated with the utmost care, respect and dignity.  We will cleanse and prepare your loved one according to your wishes and then dress them in their personal clothes or a funeral robe of a chosen colour.
You may wish to visit your loved one and pay your last respects at our Chapel of Rest, and can do so at a time to suit you, including after office hours and weekends.

Our Embalming Service    £150.00

In many cases, embalming is advised to be performed as it helps to sustain a loved one’s dignity until the time of the funeral.  This procedure would be undertaken by a fully experienced member of the British Institute Of Embalmers.

It is our policy to provide the necessary level of hygienic treatment.

Our Funeral Vehicles

The Provision Of The Hearse - £380.00

The Provision Of Each Family Funeral Limousine - £280.00

The Provision Of A Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle - £280.00

The Traditional Coffin Selection

The Larch £440.00

The Elm £500.00

The Birch £500.00
The Beech £580.00

The Sycamore £580.00

The Maple £650.00
The Spruce £650.00

The Magnolia £680.00

The Oak £1,450.00

The Mahogany £1,510.00

The Italian Selection
The Tribune £1,600.00

The Royal £2,200.00

The English Casket Selection
The Langley £920.00

The Canterbury £1,7600.00

The American Casket Selection
The Jefferson £2,900.00

The Presley £2,700.00
The Jackson £4,300.00

The Sinatra £5,100.00

The Personalised Coffin Selection
The Purity £950.00

The Artiste Range £1,150.00

The Colourful Coffin £1,050.00

 The Colourful Coffin (Personalised image) £1,250.00

The Natural Coffin Selection
The Wicker £700.00

The Golden Willow £720.00

The Seagrass £795.00

The Loom £810.00

The Pine £1,150.00

The Waterhyacinth £1,050.00

The Simple Cardboard £420

(White / Brown)

The Colourful Cardboard £620.00


Below are some of the additional costs that may be incurred in order for the funeral to proceed:

- Crematorium Fees from £930.00 (The Gwent Crematorium, Croesyceiliog)

- Cemetery Fees

- Clergy / Officiants Fees from £104.00

- Church / Chapel Fees from £295.00 (includes organist and verger fees)

- Doctors' Fees £82.00 (applies to cremation only)

- Floral Tributes

- Printed Service Stationary

- Newspaper Notices

- Catering

For crematorium & cemetery fees, please visit our Burial or Cremation page.

Please contact our office on 01495 793144 to discuss our fees.

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